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Travel Insurance Stories
The following four story outlines, were real cases handled by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade...
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Travel Insurance Stories

Cases from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT)

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The following four story outlines, were real cases handled by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT):



USA - Hit by Car $80,000

A young man worked in a US ski resort for four months, then took time off to travel around the US. He permitted his 12-month travel insurance policy to expire just a few days before his departure for home. He was hit by a car while crossing a road and suffered serious head injuries. He was admitted unconscious to intensive care and required highly intensive sophisticated care until he was able to be flown back to Australia. He was still unconscious and returned on a stretcher. The cost to the family for the medical evacuation alone was $80,000. They have taken out a second mortgage on their house to raise the funds.



USA – Surfing Accident $290,000

A young Australian surfer went to the United States for a surfing competition. Although an experienced surfer, he unfortunately chose the wrong wave during a practice session. The wave dumped him on a reef and he sustained serious injuries. He was flown to a local hospital and immediately underwent two major operations. The hospital bill was AUD290, 000. Fortunately the young man's parents had insisted he take out travel insurance before he left Australia. The insurance company covered the bill, and the young man and his family were able to focus on his recovery.



BANGKOK - Car Accident

In Bangkok a man was hit by a car while riding a motorcycle. He sustained a badly fractured leg and was admitted to the nearest local hospital. His wife was with him. He did not have any travel insurance, and so had no choice as to hospital or treatment. The hospital did not have the expertise to do anything for him except clean the wound. After 3 weeks his wife asked the Embassy for assistance as parts of the shin bone had died and the fractured ends were not healing. The Embassy assisted in having the man medically evacuated to Australia for admission to hospital, at very considerable expense to his family.



BALI – Min-van Accident

In Bali, 5 Australians were injured in a mini-van accident. Consular assistance was limited to support and routine contact with next-of-kin (NOK), as all the Australians involved had travel insurance. The travel insurance company paid their hospital bills and arranged their medical evacuation to Australia.



QBE Travel Insurance Payouts

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"Bicycle accident in France $104,913"

"A slip down the stairs in Spain $29,766"

"Swimming accident in Croatia $88,319"

"Motor Vehicle accident in Greece $235,328"

"Baby burnt by cup of tea in UK $49,321"

"Appendixes attack in USA $33,077"

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT)

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Each Year DFAT handles 20,000 cases involving Australians in difficulty overseas, which includes:
  • 700 Hospitalisations
  • 600 Deaths
  • 100 Medical Evacuations
In cases where victims are not covered by travel insurance, such personal tragedies are further compounded by a long-term financial burden.  

Daily hospitalisation costs in Southeast Asia regularly exceed $800; return of remains from Europe in excess of $10,000. The cost of medical evacuations from the United States regularly range from $75,000 to $95,000 and sometimes up to $300,000, Bali in which costs have exceeded $60,000.

Travellers who are not covered by insurance are personally liable for covering incurred medical and associated costs. Families have been forced to sell off assets, including their superannuation or family homes, to bring loved ones back to Australia for treatment.

Each year DFAT also handles over 16,000 cases involving the welfare of Australians who have suffered from the following:

  • Illness
  • Theft
  • Robbery
  • Assault
Read the complete story at: http://www.smartraveller.gov.au//travel_insurance.html


So what prompted All Planet to specialise in Travel Insurance?

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A young Indian man actually.  It wasn't a tragedy as we don't believe that the stark statistics above are the norm.  Hey, they do happen and we strongly believe to get good cover to protect yourself against these unlikely events.  We so passionately believe in Travel Insurance, quite simply for the peace of mind aspect and to protect our clients assets and livelihood.  It's about total fulfilment of your holiday, sporting or business trip.

We have had clients over the years who have:
  • Dropped sunglasses at Chichen Itza - Cancun Mexico.
  • Slipped and dropped a $500 Nintendo into the River Somme, Northern France.
  • Pushed and dropped a camera at Disneyland in California.
  • Left a $6000 laptop on top of a taxi in New York, as the taxi sped off and laptop smashed.
  • Laptop left inside a taxi in Japan (same client as above).
  • Laptop damaged whilst going through scanning machine in Denpasar, Bali.
  • Palm pilot stolen in Hong Kong.
  • Extra flight coupon, incorrectly pulled out at Sydney airport and made to pay for a new flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong.
  • Missed last connection out from Los Angeles to Miami.
  • Robbed in a hotel room in Cambodia.
  • Asthma attack on the plane at Sydney Airport ready for take off to Paris.
  • Fallen off a cliff in Nepal and had to be emergency evacuated on day two of holiday.
  • Broken foot whilst surfing in Fiji.
  • Father passes away suddenly and Mexico business trip cancelled.
  • Been jilted and had to call off a wedding and cancel the honeymoon to Fiji.
  • Severely broken leg whilst playing soccer in London England.
  • Camera broken inside a tour bus in Europe.
  • Pearl necklace stolen at day spa in Paris.
  • ...the list goes on and on and on! 

"It's not the big major disastrous things that prompt us to offer travel insurance - it's the little things...  Like knowing that our client's belongings are covered and that if something does go wrong it's not going to totally spoil their trip."

Getting back to our young Indian man and the first person we emotionally connected with who declined travel insurance. Here's what happened:

The Young Indian Man
"A young, charismatic Indian/English man purchased a lengthy itinerary of tickets, He was set to travel for the next three months around Australia and then onto New Zealand before heading back to London (England). He laughed when we asked if he would like travel insurance. Two weeks later he visited our office selling dried flowers. We asked him why he was selling dried flowers when he was meant to be on a tour around Ayers Rock?  He said that his backpack, clothes, money belt with credit cards, travellers cheques, airline ticket, passport and three thousand dollars cash had been stolen from the youth hostel he was staying at in Alice Springs. (Please Note: Travel Insurance does not cover stolen cash, insurance companies do issue emergency cash for clothing).


He spent the next three months selling dried flowers door-to-door instead of having a fantastic sun blessed time in Australia.


Further still, his gorgeous, slightly disabled and disfigured sister was to join him in Cairns and they were to spend a month together with a portion of her trip being supported financially by her brother. It broke our hearts when she too was selling flowers a fortnight later...  


Up until that moment our office was not at all serious about selling travel insurance - well it was also 1997 and the world seemed just a little safer back then. We wished we had made a video of how stressed this young man was. If he had taken out Travel Insurance, he would have had most of his luggage, clothes, personal effects, reissue and cancellation fees recovered very quickly! He saved the initial expense on the special INBOUND POLICY we offered him, but he lost an estimated $10,000.00 or 25 times more in personal effects, time, accommodation, cash and fees.


He went back home with irreplaceable memories of his time in Australia, but not the ideal ones of giving his sister her dream holiday and spending leisure time with her.


Sure, he still would have lost his cash, however he would have been back on his feet and able to salvage a good portion of his holiday a lot quicker.


Thankfully this story is not a tragedy but a good reminder to take precautions, get covered and of course don't carry large bundles of cash!"



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Source unknown, the following stories are from a major Australian Travel Insurance company.

69 Year Old Businessman rushed to hospital - USA $75,111.00

During a six week tour of the United States a retired 69 year old businessman was rushed to hospital suffering from Angina/Stroke. He spent thirty days in the US hospital and was repatriated with an intensive care doctor and nurse. His Travel Insurance saved him $75,111.00.

Contracted meningitis in Europe - $21,073.00
A twenty four year old man was travelling in Southern Europe and contracted meningitis. His total hospital bill including evacuation and additional expenses came to a staggering $21,073.00.


Car Crash Husband and Wife - Canada $33,767.00
A husband and wife in a car crash. The twenty five year old wife spent thirty eight days in a Canadian Hospital with multiple injuries. Their $33,767.00 claim included Medical, Repatriation, Accommodation, Travel Expenses, Damage to and Loss of Luggage, Cash in Hospital and Loss of Income.


Businessman toilet collapse - Vietnam $60,000.00
A fifty two year old Australian businessman returns to Vietnam, last visited in 1975 at the end of the war. He receives lacerations requiring surgery after a toilet collapses. He is evacuated to Singapore before his wounds become infected. Seven days later he is transferred back to Perth. Total bill $60,000.00.